Claudio Sorgi Fund

20th Century
2500 vol. approximately (of which 161 inserted in the electronic catalogue)

Biographical notes:
Don Claudio Sorgi was born in Milan in 1933; once he completed his studies at the Diocesan Seminary of Como, he was ordained a priest in 1956.
After a few years as a parish priest, first in Lomazzo and then in the city, he went to Rome where he began to work in the journalism sector: he was the Director of "Rivista del Cinematografo", a contributor to "Avvenire", and the Editorial Secretary for "L'Osservatore Romano". He also hosted popular television shows such as "Ottavo Giorno" and "Le Frontiere dello Spirito".
At Pontificia Università Lateranense he taught Social Communications and took on the role of Director for the magazine "Popoli e Missioni" promoted by the Pontifical missionary works.
He died on 23 November 1999.
His publications include:
Faccia da prete; Le ali non sono di rigore; Il mondo cresimato; Il Padre.

Description of the fund:
He bequeathed a part of his extensive library to the Diocesan Seminary Library of Como.
The fund, which is primarily of a theological nature, includes many texts from the world of communication that are connected to pastoral issues.
It also includes some important collections of periodicals (such as "Informations catholiques internationales").